Let Your Life Run Smooth with these 3 Steps


These days there’s so much to balance and keep on top of. You need to prevent yourself from falling behind at work, you need to keep your relationship healthy, you need to make sure that your friends, your immediate family and your extended family are all spending the right amount of time with you, and you need to find time for yourself somewhere in between all of this. All it takes for your life to run a little smoother is some forward thinking on your part.
Sort Out the Home Once and for All
We all have plans that we don’t get around to, and we all use household systems that we know don’t work and lead us into more clutter to deal with later. For example, you might not do the dishes right after dinner, and intend to do them in the morning, and end up doing them before you make dinner the next day. You can make these kinds of destructive routine last for years without finding the motivation to put things right and find a new system that works. If this is something you struggle with, then stop being so tolerant – invest in appliances and neat storage solutions that you can build better routines around. It might be that a dishwasher would be right for your household, or it might just be a comprehensive chore-planning chart that you need – but sort it out in one foul swoop, and don’t let poor routines take up anymore of your life.
Climb the Mountain of Odd-jobs that’s been Building
It might be that you don’t go down to the garage anymore because of all those jobs you haven’t done staring at you. New fence supports that need to go up? Roots growing underneath the patio? Old boxes that need sorting out? A shiny Lexus that produces clouds of black smoke? These jobs aren’t going anywhere – they’re going to continue to pile up – so you need to take evasive action. It might be worth seeing if some friends can help you; spend a full day working through these things you’ve been putting off. Get the supports up, get the tree surgeon in, dive into those boxes, take your car to Lexus Glasgow – do whatever you’ve got to do, as long as you don’t leave anything for later. When you’ve got less on the edge of your mind, you’ll find it easier to motivate yourself to stop future jobs piling up.
Find Time for Your Family

This is another issue that can make planning your time awkward. You’ve got so much you need to do, both at work and at home, but you need to also include time for your immediate family to have fun, relax and get to know each other, as well as time for your extended family, who will often either want to visit you or want you to visit them. Firstly, try to include your immediate family in your efforts to sort out the garage and the home, and make sure they’re rewarded next weekend with a trip to somewhere special. When it comes to your extended family, keep up with obligations like visits over the holidays, and spend as much time visiting during these periods that you’ve allowed for. This way, you can be more open about what you do and don’t have time for if they seem like they want to make plans on top of these visits.

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