Goodbyes & New Beginnings


After about 9 years of working on I'm sad to say that I'm now retiring this blog. It's been great fun and I've had the chance to work with some amazing brands and met some lovely people along the way but style, beauty and lifestyle just doesn't excite me the same way that it used to, so I don't want to put out content that I'm not loving writing.

That said it's not goodbye forever as I'm now working on a new joint venture with my husband Liam, you'll find us over at Loaf + Pebble where we'll be chatting everything from food, travel and home. That's where my heart is and I can promise you that well be putting everything we've got into it so I'd love it if you popped over, said hello and let me know what you think! We've got a few starter posts up already including travelling around Mauritius, our honeymoon hotel review, lots of tasty snippets of Madrid (along with an absolute bargain of a beaut hotel!) and a few Manchester eats too, there's even some bonus video content on there!

You can also keep up to date with me on instagram, Liam on instagram here and Loaf + Pebble here.

Stay in touch!

Danielle x

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