Saving Money Around The House


If you're a long term reader of my blog you'll know that I like to get a bit thrifty sometimes so that I can spend my money on the more important things in life (like £6 a bottle craft beers haha...), with that in mind I thought I'd bring you some of my favourite tips on how to save money around the house. 

When we first moved into our house the boiler & heating were the top of our list to save money, my  husband spent most of his weekends helping his uncle out with plumbing jobs when he was younger so it's some good knowledge to have around the house. Luckily as it turns out the boiler had been replaced a few years ago so it was pretty new however we didn't have thermostats on any of the radiators so that meant if you wanted to heat one room up you had to have the heating on for the whole house which is an absolute drain on your home funds! HomeServe Heating have put together a fun little quiz that shows you how much money replacing an older boiler for a new boiler could save you a year, but instead of giving you a cold hard cash sum it displays it in things that actually mean something a bit more to you - when I tried it it said every year I could purchase 291 chocolate bars, 68 cappuccinos, 23 cinema tickets, 44 pints of beer, 203 loaves of bread and 106 chicken sandwiches.. now that's a saving! That said, I think I do need to change my priorities in life if that's what the tool is bringing up as important to me.. and I wonder why I don't lose weight.

When it comes to decorating and DIY if you want to save money you really just need to get your hands dirty and get stuck into the work yourself. We spent tonnes of weekends painting walls & ceilings, ripping down sheds & building new ones, laying laminate flooring and fitting new fixtures like bath panels & bannisters. We were lucky to have my parents to help show us the ropes on a lot of things and they were more than happy to get stuck in too, so huge thanks to them. We bought most of our decorating supplies from places like Wilkinsons and B&M Bargains, and then picked out our bath panel & flooring on a Bank Holiday weekend as the DIY stores almost always have offers on then. We even turned to eBay for our solid walnut bannister because it was so much cheaper than everywhere else. I actually did a post a while back on how to makeover your bathroom for £125 so go give that a read if you're feeling up to the challenge!

Sometimes it's nice to steal tips from other people so this one comes courtesy of my mother-in-law.. instead of chucking out your old tea lights and expensive candles when the wicks run out, collect all of the left over wax in a tub, buy some new wicks and make yourself a brand new candle. We never throw out a finished candle anymore and I'd say every couple of months we've got enough wax to make a good 3 or 4 candles and if you spend ridiculous amounts on candles like me it's certainly going to save you some money.

We also plan all our meals ahead to save wasting money on ingredients that we don't need and that are only going to end up spoiling in the fridge. That said, we do bulk buy products that we know we use on a regular basis and store them in the pantry because that's just common sense!

Lastly and I can not stress this one enough, have a good look through what you're using & not using and have a good old clearcut - whether thats shoes & bags or pots & pans I can almost guarantee that you've got money sat in your cupboards. We used to have drawer upon drawer full of DVDs and Blu-rays that we NEVER watch so one day we decided to get rid of all that didn't mean anything sentimental to us at CEX and exchanged them for games that Liam wanted for his playstation - I'd say that's a pretty good trade and in the long run probably saved us a couple of hundred when you consider how much those new games are going to cost you. You can also take to things like eBay & depop to declutter your house or if you're feeling up to it, pack up your car early in the morning and head to a carboot sale!

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