How to Save Money on a Car


We depend on our cars to navigate our way from A to B. Unfortunately, they can cost a considerable amount of money over the years. To help you minimize your bills, we are going to show you how to save money on a car.

Buy Used Over New

A new car will depreciate as soon as you drive away from a dealership, which means you will pay more for a vehicle than it is worth. It might, therefore, be beneficial to invest in a reliable, second-hand car, which costs considerably less. There are many superb cars to choose from, such as a Hyundai Tucson car that can be bought outright or on finance.

Carpool to Work

Carpooling to work is a great way to save money on gas while reducing your car’s wear and tear. For this reason, you should identify if someone in the company is willing to carpool to work with you. You can each take turns to drive, so you will not have to spend a considerable amount of money on gas each week, while improving your vehicle’s longevity.

Inflate Your Tires to Improve Your Mileage

It’s worthwhile to drive into your local gas station once a month to check the air pressure in your car tyres. It’s recommended that you inflate the tyres to the optimal PSI that will be stated in the vehicle’s manual. You might be surprised to learn that every two PSI of air will improve your gas mileage by 1%.

Review Your Car Insurance

Many car owners make the big mistake of automatically renewing their car insurance each year. Unfortunately, an insurer might raise your premiums that could cost a considerable amount of money each year. Always review an insurance policy annually, and consider turning to a different insurer if you have high insurance premiums despite having no claims on a vehicle.

Drive Less

Many drivers get into the habit of jumping into their car to simply drive a little way down the road. Stop wasting fuel on unnecessary trips and start walking, cycling and taking the bus a little more. Driving less will stop you from wasting fuel, will reduce your mileage and may prevent wear and tear to your vehicle. All those little trips will add up, so save yourself money by only using a vehicle when necessary.

Driving Sensibly

Did you know speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration will not only cause you to waste gas, but they will reduce your gas mileage by an incredible 33% at highway speeds? Stop aggressive driving to save money while helping to keep the roads safer.

Buy the Right Motor Oil

Do you need to top-up your vehicle with motor oil? Always use the car manufacturer’s recommended motor oil grade, as this will help to lower your gas mileage by 1-2%, as it will prevent metal surfaces from grinding together inside the engine. Also, look for an energy conserving oil, as they often contain a friction reducing additive.

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