Hangsun Water Flosser Review


One of my best friends and a bridesmaid at my wedding has been raving about water flossers for some time now, so recently when Hangsun reached out to ask if I'd like to give their professional water flosser a trial I couldn't really say no. I've always found that dentil floss can be quite harsh on my gums and trying to jam it between your teeth just never feels right so I was really up for trying a different method that claims to be less invasive, quicker and more efficient. Priced at £49.99 it's a lot pricier that your average tub of floss however this is one of their all-singing, all-dancing machines with parts for the whole family to use. That said, they do make smaller personal use machines which are currently priced at £45 but I have seen them at a more reasonable £34.99 on promotion with Amazon.

I decided not to show photos of this thing in use because frankly it's not a pretty sight and I'm sure none of you will of wanted to see, but I will tell you how I found using it. There's quite a few different functions and different heads adapters that you can use but for now I've just been using the regular head. You can choose 12 different levels of pressure but to be honest I can't see you ever needing to go past 6 as it's pretty strong! There's also a massage function to help you get healthier gums. To use you simply fill up the top compartment with water, flick it on at the switch, then choose your strength setting and point the applicator head directly at the gap between your teeth making sure to make your way around the inside and outside on your mouth. It's a pretty messy job where you have to keep your head close to the sink and mouth slightly open so that the water can run back out but not so much that you send a jet of water flying around your bathroom. The results are disgustingly impressive where I've found pretty big bits that have fallen into the sink even after I've already brushed.. not nice to think of all that crap lodged in your teeth!

I've been using this for about a month now on a weekly basis and I have to say the results are far better than I've ever seen with floss. That said, as the machines so bulky especially within my tiny bathroom and it's a bit of a messy process I find myself not using it as regularly as I probably should. Also, I found that if I filled it with cold water it did make my teeth super sensitive but filling it with warmer water sorts out that issue. 

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