'Greycationers' Leading UK Tourism Boom



It used to be 'millennials' that, largely, contributed to a surge in travel thanks to their adventurous gap years and European party holidays; however, it now seems that it's seniors, also referred to as 'greycationers', that are holding up the UK’s tourism industry. Although, it's not a surprise when you consider that it's the now senior generation that was part of the 'baby boom' years and now their children have flown the nest, it's obvious they're embracing their new found independence.

The following types of travel amongst senior citizens are fronting the UK tourism boom:

Mystery Tours
In the UK, mystery tours such as London's many Jack the Ripper tours, use to be for overseas tourists only; however, it seems that seniors are now embarking on city breaks and, with that, exploring the mysteries each city has to offer. Mystery-inspired entertainment, such as murder mysteries and treasure hunts, are also now being introduced on both small and large cruise ships, a popular form of travel for seniors, including with leading cruise provider Fred. Olsen Cruises.

Bucket List Travel
It is now more popular than ever to put together a 'bucket list' outlining everything you want to see and do before you pop your clogs, and that's just one of the reasons that senior tourism is on the up, no matter how morbid it may sound. The older generation, now free of ties, have money to spare and travel ambitions to fulfil and are looking to see more of the world. As well as the obvious such as Spain and Portugal, countries such as Italy, Germany, and even as far as Thailand have seen a huge surge in the number of older tourists arriving on their shores every year.

Train Tours
According to Senior Living Magazine, senior men are fronting their tourism efforts with train tours, including tours in both the UK and across the pond in the Napa Valley in California and the Rocky Mountains in Canada, which includes visits to train museums. The interest in train tours is thought to stem from the nostalgia of childhood when trains were still a relatively new form of public transport and trains could be seen chugging their way through towns and cities across the country. You can search for a minibus hire too.

Trekking Holidays
Walking holidays are one of the most popular types of holidays amongst seniors, and the UK has plenty to offer, with its vast array of spectacular National Parks. From the Peak District and Lake District to the South Downs and the Cotswolds, the UK has dozens of serene locations where walking and trekking holidays can be enjoyed, including both self-catering and guided holidays. Check for exemple minibus hire Leeds, it’s a very beautiful place.

Value for Money
While senior travellers are slowly beginning to book luxury holidays, it seems that those same travellers are also financially savvy and want to get the most out of their holiday. According to research, most senior travellers will spend time researching their destination extensively to find the best deals rather than booking on impulse, ensuring they get more bang for their buck.

No matter where you're travelling, you're likely to see more senior travellers than ever joining in.

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