The Best Nights Sleep You'll Ever Have!


I'll admit that I favour weekends of no plans and lazy mornings in bed over going out partying. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my friends and going out for yummy food and amazing cocktails but I probably love my bed just that little bit more! When you're surviving off 6 or 7 hours of sleep a bight and trying to keep an active social life, work 8-6, look after the bunnies, keep my blog updated, prep lunches and dinners and then house tidy on top of that it becomes pretty exhausting!

So when it comes to the bedroom a comfy bed that you just don't want to leave is a top priority for me. I've always been pretty happy with our tweed grey bed frame as it fits into our colour scheme and aesthetics perfectly and I've always been pretty happy with our half sprung half memory foam mattress but it's never matched up to that all important luxurious hotel bed. So when Duvalay got in touch to see if I wanted to try out one of their luxury mattresses from their Hilary Devey collection I pretty much jumped at the chance. There's 5 different mattresses to choose from in the collection all made from the finest materials but each with their own qualities to suit everyone's favourite type of firmness. All the materials used are ethically sourced and then handstitched together with love in West Yorkshire by trained experts.

We opted for the Diamond Luxe which has pocket springs topped with Wooltec cashmere and silk, made for those of us who prefer a medium firmness. Once we'd chose our mattress it took about 3 weeks to deliver because the mattress was made just for us - how cool is that?! In the modern world of mass production you really don't see or hear of things like this happening anymore so it's great to see that Duvulay are still embracing the good old made-to-order by hand! I'd like to say that those 3 weeks flew by, but in all honesty they dragged with the anticipation of waiting for this perfect nights sleep, but alas, the mattress eventually turned up and it was even more wonderful then we ever could of imagined. Firstly, let's talk about the size because it's a huge mattress at almost double the height of our last mattress giving you that real luxury hotel bed feel when you climb in after a long day at work.

Now I probably went a bit photo heavy on this post but I just wanted to show you how plush the cushioned quilting is, not only do they look and feel amazing but there's more to it than that... one side is made with cotton for summer, whilst the other is made with wool to keep you warm in the winter, and as there's plenty of air vents down the border there's loads of air flowing through keeping it fresh, cool and breathable! The embroidery detail, hand stitched edging and thick branded handles on the side give the mattress an even more luxurious feel, especially when you think of all the work that's gone into it only to be covered by a sheet & duvet. I'm not going to lie, the mattress isn't cheap and is well more than I would of ever spent on a mattress but I'm certainly a convert and will only be purchasing from Duvalay going forward because this is genuinely the best mattress I've ever slept on, so it's definitely worth the investment.

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