Our New Best Friend - The Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ


If there's one thing that really makes a good British bank holiday, it's getting the BBQ out and having some drinks in the garden - even if you have to wrap up warm because it's just not hot enough yet! That's exactly what we'll be doing this weekend with our shiny new BBQ that the amazing team at Char-broil sent us. Now you may be looking at it thinking "well that's a fancy gas BBQ", but you'd only be half right with that comment, as it's actually a hybrid beast giving you the option to choose between gas or coals. That means you can whip it out after work to cook up a quick dinner, or you could fill it with coals and go all low 'n' slow at the weekend. That said, if you do want to cook on the coals it's simply a matter of filling up the tray with coals, sticking it under the grill with the gas turned on for 15 minutes, flip the gas back off and your coals will be hot enough to cook on! It's that simple, no need for firelighters and cursing at the damn thing when it won't light, and there's no long wait for them to be warm enough either!

We were super excited when the BBQ box arrived because this thing is HUGE, however after just under a 3 hour build after work the novelty quickly wore off, now I don't mean to sound ungrateful because I'm not at all but building this in the house (because it would of gone dark if we were outside) until 10pm just wasn't the funnest thing we've ever said! If you follow me or Liam on instagram you'll of seen our build excitement and woes, if you don't then I definitely recommend giving us a cheeky little follow as we're always sharing snippits on there that might not make it onto the blog. But once it was built all the joy & love came flooding back. It's a super sturdy BBQ with 3 gas burners (or coal), a heating rack, a real solid lid, a side for prepping on and even a separate hob which is perfect for throwing together a sauce while your steaks cook! It's also on wheels too which makes it easy to store away safely if you're not a fan of leaving the BBQ in the garden like us.

There's one thing I always crave and have never been able to master at home, and that's a not-so-cheeky Nando's. There's just something about the way they grill those wings that undeniably good! We've tried them in the oven before with all our favourite Nando's sides but it's just not the same, so as soon as we could get the BBQ out and running this just had to be the first thing we cooked. So with a bottle of piri piri marinade we slathered up some wings before throwing them on the grill. For me, Nando's isn't the same without halloumi and I'd have to say this was probably the best halloumi we've ever made at home, with that lovely BBQ'd flavour going all the way through. The wings cooked in no time, and it was really useful having the temperature gage on the top so we knew with confidence that the chicken would be cooked all the way through - you just don't get that same confidence with a standard BBQ! Now I genuinely believe those wings tasted just as good, if not better, than my usual fast food gems and I'll certainly be trying them out again on the grill, along with a huge list of other bits we want to try out - we're even going to attempt to make our own pizza on here so watch this space!

Are you a big BBQ fan? What's your favourite dish to cook up on a BBQ?

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