Teatu Teatox Review


Like most of us I put on a few extra pounds over the Christmas period (and our all-inclusive honeymoon in November didn't help!) so to kickstart the New Year the guys over at Teatu sent me one of their "28 day teatox" to try out. So what exactly comes in a teatox box? Inside you'll find 2 sealed packets, a daytime tea and a nighttime tea, both specially blended with all natural ingredients to help you shed a few extra pounds and to help you feel generally better & less bloated. The idea is to drink one daytime tea each day, and the nighttime every other night.

Daytime tea. This one is said to contain 6 powerful fat burning ingredients and are supposed to help keep your metabolism up and hunger at bay. So what's in it? Green tea, cocoa peel, spearmint, green coffee, ginseng & chilli chai. I usually found myself having this as a little afternoon pick me up instead of reaching for a snack, although at the weekends I did find this one a bit inconvenient as if I was out for the day it's the last thing on my mind so I'd usually end up forgetting to brew one. In general it did help to fill me up and the flavour was really pleasant, I wouldn't say it was anything ground breaking but it was easy to drink.

Nighttime tea. This tea is said to help reduce bloating and has calming properties. The ingredients in this one are Peppermint, Rooibos, Lavender, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Senna & Natural Caramel Flavour. I absolutely loved this tea, Rooibos tea is a real favourite of mine, so teamed with liquorice and caramel it's really up there in my opinion. I'd definitely buy this tea to drink on it's own over and over again. I really did feel that it was relaxing to drink before bed in my pjs with the candles on, and it certainly made me feel less bloated too! As it contains both liquorice and senna it does have small laxative qualities but this didn't have any effect on me personally.

Over the month I lost 2 pounds which isn't a lot really but that said I haven't been the best at sticking to the gym or healthy eating this month as I was hit by the worst cold for the best part of 2 weeks and we had a long weekend away too. I'd buy this again to try with a better month so see how drastic difference it could make with real healthy eating and exercise!

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