Staying In Is The New Going Out


Is it just me, or does anyone else find going to the cinema ridiculously expensive? We could easily spend £45+ for me and the husband to catch a film with popcorn & a drink each, now that's just daylight robbery! Plus we pretty much always get suckered in to grabbing a pre-film Nando's which adds another £30 on top! With so many good TVs on the market like the Panasonic UHD 4K TV it's easier than ever to have your own movie night straight from the comfort of your own home - plus you can wear pyjamas without getting weird looks from people and you can pause the film for that all important mid-film toilet break after you drank your drink too quickly. Personally I'd recommend getting a Now TV movies subscription for £10 a month who add new release films every Friday, that's less than one persons cinema ticket cost and you've got more films to watch that you could shake a stick at!

Throw in some snack like chocolates and premium popcorn, add a few beers or some soft drinks and you're more than likely still under the £20 mark for two of you. Plus if you want to you could have a movie marathon without having to worry about the cost of seeing a second film straight after! If you wanted to save more money you could even make your own snacks, whip up a fresh batch of cookies or brownies for a real indulgent movie night, making sure to make enough to enough to enjoy the next day too! To make things cosy hang up fairy lights, scatter a few pretty smelling candles around and grab a throw so you can get all snuggled up on the sofa. We try and have a movie night in the house once a month as it's a really cheap date night idea and is a great rainy day alternative!

Rather than using it as a date night you could use it as an excuse to see the girls. Invite everyone round and ask them to bring their pjs and some snacks and in return you'll provide the prosecco! Do you prefer staying in and watching a movie or going out and making a night of it? What's your favourite cheap date night idea?

Ps. Brownie points for anyone who can guess which film we were watching!

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