Wishlist - The Office Edit


I came across a funny but pretty useful little video that Furniture At Work™ have created about office yoga video which is great if you're stuck behind a desk all day like me! I do try and get up and go for a quick walk around every hour or so, but it's definitely not enough so I'll be trying to subtly include some of these moves into my working day. The video got me thinking about my office and the things I can do to shake up my routine a bit and then had me thinking about what I wear to the office.

My work is pretty laid back when it comes to office attire, especially for me as a graphic designer due to the fact that I'm not customer facing. That said, I do try and have a "work wardrobe" and a "weekend wardrobe" to try and keep things in my head but there's definitely a lot of cross over in there. I've never really shopped for workwear and instead just end up wearing things I'm a bit bored of wearing outside of work, but I thought I'd put together a little list of things I'm currently lusting after to give my work outfits a little boost!

I've been madly searching for a dungaree dress recently, which I think can be teamed nicely with a blouse for easy office attire that's still pretty chic and I just haven't found one yet that I love, Simply Be have some really good blouses at the moment with cute embroidery details! That said I'm crazy about this little rust dungaree dress but alas it's out of stock in my size - cry cry. I'd pair it with a simple long sleeve white top, and these amazing boots. Frilly socks are pretty much a staple with boots in my looks so those are a must have for me too. As a second look I'd pair black skinny jeans with this amazing green peplum sweater top, a big chunky statement necklace and these incredible leopard shoes that would be as amazing with a little black dress too!

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