Sweet Like Sugar


The guys over at Natvia recently sent me a couple of tubs on their natural sweetener to help us on the route to a healthier 2017. If I'm completely honest I've never really been interested in sweeteners as I've only been exposed to the tiny tablets you get in a little clicker which my dad uses, and in all honesty I'd rather go without sugar completely than use them! In general I won't have sugar in my tea as I usually have 4 or 5 in a day at work so the calories really do add up, but I do treat myself to tea with 1 sugar in at the weekend - what an exciting life I lead!

That said, Natvia really stood out to me as it has the look and the texture of sugar, it's 100% natural and it has 0 calories in a teaspoon compared to 16 calories in a single spoon of sugar. So what's it like? If you taste it straight from the tub it's super sweet but has a bit of weird flavour when you compare it to sugar. However we've been having it in cups of tea and over cereal in a morning and most of the time I genuinely can't tell the difference between the two. It dissolves the same, looks the same and tastes the same when it's used, although I have been using less of the Natvia than I would usually use of sugar as you really don't need as much.

Natvia has been expertly crafted to complement tea and coffee, but you can also use it for baking and cooking too, which you'd never be able to do with the little artificial sweetener tabs. If baking is your bag I seriously recommend having a nosey on their Sweeter Life Club as they have soooo many yummy looking sugar free recipes, like these chocolate & peanut butter cups!

I'm 100% sold on Natvia so I'm definitely going to be cutting out the sugar from now on - at least at home anyway! Have you tried Natvia before? How do you feel about using sweeteners?

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