New Home Additions


Although potentially moving next year is on the cards I just can't help myself with adding little new additions into the house here and there - I'm sure future me will thank me when it comes to boxing everything up.... haha. I am trying to refrain myself but sometimes if you see something you love you've just gotta go for it!

Can we start off by talking about this absolutely incredible new lamp* from litecraft? There's just something so amazing about it, it's modern but yet has a bit of a retro vibe and fits perfectly into our mid century inspired interiors. It also reminds me of where ikea started out with their paper lanterns and light fittings that my mum used to be obsessed with but this has such a sophisticated & timeless finish. I sometimes find that lamps can look a bit clunky during the day when they're not on but this one is a real thing of beauty! I can't actually find this exact lamp online anymore but they have so many gorgeous table lamps so it's worth a look if you're in the market for something new!

I've lost track of how many bunny related items we have in our house, but I can tell you that on my dressing table alone there's now 4 bits all containing various trinkets & beauty products. The little fella above was a gift from my mum & dad, which I use to keep my wedding rings and diamond tiffany necklace that Liam bought me as a wedding present safe from all my other costume jewellery when I'm in the shower. The top also pops off giving you a lovely hidden trinket pot which is now storing all my hair grips - or at least the ones I can find, seriously where do they disappear to?

Lastly, we've added a few wedding photos around the house, the above are just a couple of my favourites that we've put up in the bedroom. I picked up the chrome frames from B&Q who actually had a really amazing range. I'd been struggling finding something big that fit in with our room, there's always trusty old ikea but we've already got two huge ikea frames above the bed and I didn't want everything to be too samey - if that's even a word? Plus I think the really thin edging works well as it doesn't distract from the photo itself, and we've got a few chrome details in our bedroom so it fits in well. If you want to see more of our wedding photos I posted a few in an old post here and there's even more on my instagram.

Would you be interested in seeing more of this type of post? Where's your favourite place to pick up new homewares?

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  1. Ooh I love the lamp!! I'm a sucker for some cute home accessories, these are all absolute gorgeous. Great post lovely!
    Elen x