My Dream Ultimate Spa Day!


Today I'm teaming up with Ellisons, who retail wholesale salon supplies, to talk about my idea of a dream spa day! I've actually never spent a day in the spa apart from a Turkish baths going back around 12 years now, it's something I've always felt a bit weird about and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It just brings up anxious questions of "what if I fall asleep whilst having a massage?" or "do you have to go naked?", both of which are pretty daunting thoughts! But let's put all of that aside and talk about the ideals...

For starters, I'd want to go with my lovely husband and have a nice "couples spa day" at a nice UK getaway destination like a big country manor house in the Lakes. I'm talking couples massages laying side by side, followed by a dip in the pool and a visit to the sauna. That would then be followed up by nail appointment and blow dry for me, after all saunas and pools are not my hairs best friend! After that it would be lovely to have a prosecco afternoon tea and a walk around the grounds on a lovely summers afternoon. It would be great to fit a body scrub in there somewhere too so you feel silky smooth all day! I'd finish the day off with an overnight stay in one of their suites with a romantic meal and a bottle of prosecco to share!

What would your dream spa day contain? Are you a big fan of spas?

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