Marble & Brass Style Crush


Last week I mentioned my absolute love for all things navy, but there's another hot trend for 2017 that I'm also crazy about which I want to share with you - I'm talking all things marble and brass! Marble flatlays have been pretty hot amongst the blogosphere for the past couple of years so it won't be all that new to most people however it's never been so readily available in homewares so you can bring in all that goodness straight into your home without any hassle. The guys over at Elite Blinds have challenged me and a couple of other bloggers to bring together all my favourite things from the hottest trends this year to really makeover a room so read on to hear how I'd do it!

There's so many ways that you can bring the trend in no matter how big or small your budget is, but with trends I'd always recommend picking out things that you either completely love regardless of the fact that it's "on trend" or things that you can easily switch out - you don't want to be stuck with a completely outdated room 10 months down the line when everyone has moved onto the next big thing. I'm absolutely loving this table from Barker & Stonehouse for just under £300 but personally I think the investment is worth it as just buying one or two bigger purchases instantly styles up your room - that said, there is a smaller version available for £100 if it's over your budget. My second bigger purchase would go on the antique brass light fitting at £59 (down from £99), it's super sleek but still statement and just fits the bill perfectly!

Once you've chosen your bigger pieces it's time to think about the small accents that you dot around the room to finish off your theme nicely - I'd recommend just going with 3 or 4 of these to avoid looking too over the top and obviously themed! I've picked out this vintage style glass vase with just a hint of brass around the top, a gorgeous faux snakeskin cushion which I think really compliments the marble pieces, and this stunning wood & marble board that I'd use as a makeshift bar tray!

H&M is pretty much always a safe bet when you're looking for new pieces, there price point is usually pretty affordable and they just always manage to really nail trends so well - it's where I've bought all my copper accents & wire baskets in the past! That said, Sainsburys are absolutely smashing the marble & brass trend at the moment but it's mainly for bathroom accessories but I really recommend having a mooch over to their home section if you shop there because there's some definite bargains to be had! If what I've done is too subtle for you and you really want to go all out then I'd recommend popping to your local B&Q as they've got some pretty incredible marble effect wallpapers & vinyl rolls at the moment so you could go for a big feature wall in the stuff!

How do you feel about the marble & brass trend? Is it something that you'd integrate into your own home?

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  1. I love the marble and brass home - can't wait to have to style up my own home one day. xx

    Lucy x |