Bathroom Makeover - On A £125 Budget!


I mentioned recently that we're hoping to move house next year so when it comes to making the house look better for us and potential future buyers we're trying to do everything on as small a budget as possible. The bathroom is the only room in the house that we've never got round to decorating. We gave it a real deep clean when we moved in, I bought new shower door seals so they looked nicer, we put up a big bathroom mirror cabinet and changed the spotlights to daylight bulbs to make it brighter but that's the lot. We also changed the shower head to a really nice Grohe rain water effect head because the old one was pretty pathetic. We think the bathroom was pretty new when we moved in so it never really needed much love but one thing that always annoyed me is that I think when the old owners fit the shower door seals they didn't do it properly which resulted in the bath panel being all bubbled up at the back.

We picked up two pots of Dulux bathroom paint for £38 in Pure Brilliant White and Mint Macaroon to give the walls a freshen up and a bit personality. In general most of our walls have either a very subtle, light or dark shade of grey, so it's only our lounge and spare room that are all white but we actually want to makeover the spare room anyway. Mint is one of my favourite colours for a wall but I think it can be quite girly in any other room where as in the bathroom it conjures up ideas of love fresh waters and spas - at least it does for me anyway! Instead of replacing the bathroom panel with the exact same thing we picked out this amazing walnut panel for £45 from B&Q which made the bath look much more luxurious. We fitted walnut blinds throughout the house and a nice chunky bannister on the staircase so it really ties the whole house together.

I also swapped out our old tatty grey towels for new mint striped towels that I managed to pick up for £25 for two bath sheets and a hand towel from B&M Bargains, and a super thick bath matt for £6 from TK Maxx. Whilst I was in TK Maxx I couldn't resist the little candle for just £3, it's the perfect colour for the bathroom and we're both complete candle addicts so it will definitely get used. Lastly I picked up an adorable mini mint pedal bin which just finishes off the bathroom for £8 from B&M again - I decided not to photograph this one as I don't think you can really make a bathroom bin look glamorous haha!

I'm super happy with how the bathroom turned out, for not much money at all it's so much more luxurious and is now a space that I'm happy to spend time in! I'll definitely be enjoying a lush bomb and lit candle in there this weekend with a nice face mask too.

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