New Year, New Boots


Pinch, punch, first of the month! I hope you're not all nursing very sore heads this morning but still had an absolutely amazing New Years no matter whether you had a crazy one or a quiet one. From being a little girl there's always been something that my mum has taught me which is to start the year off the best you can. For her that means taking down the Christmas tree (but leaving out one decoration for superstitious reasons!) and giving the house a good proper clean before the 31st and starting with a lovely fresh house and an amazing roast beef dinner with a bottle of fizz on New Year's Day. It's something that we've carried on since having our own home although we do usually switch out the roast dinner for something else, but today I'm adding a new bit to my new year tradition... new boots!

I pretty much live in ankle boots for at leat three quarters of the year, they're just so versatile, comfy and can be pretty girly too. So from now on I'm going to be getting rid of a tatty pair (for the record as we speak I probably own around 10 different pairs of ankle boots) and replace with something shiny and new. To kick off my tradition I've picked out these beautiful faux croc Dench boots by Diva which are absolutely stunning and I can't wait to wear them today! At £43 they're quite the steal as the quality is probably one of the best I've had for a PU pair, and the soles are super spongey and grippy. I love the understated look with just a flash of the croc design to the back which makes them pretty damn stylish even if I do say so myself. Plus to top it off there's a really sweet peacock printed fabric lining which is the hardest thing to photograph ever, but believe me, it's beautiful!

Do you have any New Years traditions or resolutions? What do you think of my new tradition?

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  1. Oooh these boots are lovely, nothing like a new pair of shoes for the new year- I have my eye on some TopShop ones! x