3 Ways To Integrate Trainers Into Your Wardrobe


I've always been pretty jealous of girls who rock trainers as I've always been a boots or dolly shoes kinda girl, but with wanting to get more active in 2017 I thought this year should be the year I give them a go! I was lucky enough to be sent these gorgeous trainers from Moda In Pelle to help me banish the January Blues, and can we just take a moment to appreciate the navy velvet detailing? *swoon*. I love how understated they are but yet so detailed at the same time. I picked out these ones as a bit of a trainer novice thinking that because they're pretty simple they'd be easier to integrate into my everyday wardrobe. So to make sure these don't sink to the dark space in my wardrobe never to be seen again I've challenged myself to come up with 3 ways to style these that don't push me out of my comfort zone!

I may be a few years late to the party but I've been living in disco pants recently so I thought pairing the trainers with them would have to be my first port of call. Then add either a black leather look jacket to rock up the look for a night out, or go super chic with a blogger favourite - the black duster jacket. The middle outfit is pretty much my go-to weekend wear but usually paired with some loafers, so I should be able to easily do this one! Lastly I thought a simple monochrome skirt & top combo would work - in all honestly this one will be harder for me to wear as it's pushing my boundaries a bit but I've seen so many girls manage to pull this look off!

Are you a trainers kinda girl? How would you rock a pair?

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