Winter Home Updates


Since the clocks went back at the weekend it's really started to feel quite wintery hasn't it? It's been getting me feeling all festive too and every day when I get home from work I just want to get cosy with a nice throw, some candles and the curtains drawn with my little family (the husband and the fur-babies!). So with that in mind I've been doing some Internet "window shopping" for a little autumn winter home update... the above are just a small selection of all the bits I'm currently lusting after!

We absolutely love throws in our house or at least me & biggie do, out of all his bunny toys he still chooses a throw as his favourite thing and gets crazy excited when I lay it on the floor - exhibit A. Despite already having at least one throw or blanket in every room I've still always wanted a nice tartan number and I have my eye on this one in particular from Dunedin Cashmere, isn't it dreamy? I thought the joules pet bed matched nicely too and would be a nice addition to our living room to keep our little bugs nice and toasty.

I'm pretty obsessed with neom candles but as they're pretty pricey they're more of a Christmas luxury than an everyday thing, but this mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean is right at the top of my list. The cushion cover and vase are pretty much bargains so they'll no doubt be in my purchased items before the day is through!

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