Limited Edition Scholl Velvet Smooth


My mum has always raved about the scholl express pedi but in all honest it's something I've never really been bothered about. However now I'm getting older I've started to notice my feet aren't as good as they used to be and let's be honest cracked heels are never a good look! To spread the word about the new limited edition velvet smooth I was lucky enough to be sent a set to try out for myself and I'm super happy with it - especially because it came just in time for me to try out before our honeymoon.

To start off it comes in a super Christmassy purple glittery box which I'll 100% be reusing because it's just too nice to throw away! Inside you get a limited edition velvet smooth electronic foot file with two replacement rollers, nail care oil and a nailberry nail polish in rouge. In all honesty I thought the set would of been nicer with a purple polish to really finish off the gift set but it's a lovely winter colour all the same! I've only used the pedi once so far and usually I like to try things s few times before reviewing but it made such a difference from just one use so that speaks for itself really! It's a bit scary as the rollers are really rough to touch and it's not the quietest thing but when you actually use it on your skin it's pretty tickly and not at all painful. My feet weirdly felt like they'd just been moisturised, were super soft and just looked better.

At £70 a pop it's not the cheapest but good old Boots has it in there 3 for 2 Christmas gifts so now is definitely the time to pick one up if you've ever wanted to try.

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