A Little Christmas Decorating


With Christmas only a mere 53 days away, now seems like the perfect time to start talking about decorations! If I'm honest I would of approached the subject a good few weeks ago because to me Christmas is the absolute best but I know a lot of you don't like hearing about it too early! Me & Liam have a tradition where each year we go out and get a new Christmas bauble each so that eventually they'll all be individually picked and we'll have a memory of each one, but as this year is our first Christmas as a married couple I've already been picking out new bits & pieces to make our home feel even more festive!
Dotcomgiftshop have an amazing range of Christmas decorations from vintage & traditional to Scandinavian & cutesy modern, so I managed to order all of the above from there. As soon as I spotted the glass Santa & snowman I just knew I had to have them, I've always loved more traditional decorations as they just feel more magical. Plus my favourite Christmas film is a Miracle on 34th Street and I feel like they'd have the same style decorations on there! I also couldn't resist the reindeer heart decoration as it's a lovely wedding style keepsake!
I also picked up some cute heart place settings which I thought would be nice when we have friends over for cocktails & nibbles along with the big day itself. To finish off I picked out some little bird origami tags & wash tapes to really finish off our gifts this year. I really love shopping for presents for other people so it's a shame if you don't go the whole hog & wrap them nicely too!

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