CB12 White Review


The lovely guys behind CB12 recently asked if I fancied trying out their mouthwash that claims to both keep your breath pleasant for 12 hours and helps to whiten teeth in two weeks. With only a few weeks until the wedding I thought now would be the perfect to to embark on a teeth whitening and breath fleshing adventure so I'd be silly to give up the opportunity.

CB12 White comes in a 250ml bottle and is priced at £15 a pop from Boots. Now personally I think that's pretty pricey for a bottle of mouthwash especially seeing as though it only lasts you two weeks if you use the recommended amount and if you're in a couple it's going to set you back £60 a month! That said can you really put a price on having a healthier mouth and fresher breath?

So what's it like I hear you ask? Well I've definitely tried stronger mouthwashes over my time, the types that feel like they're burning a hole right through your mouth whilst your rinsing. CB12 White is actually pretty mild whilst using, it's recommended that you use 10ml and swill for 30/60 seconds twice a day and whilst doing so it almost feels like water. However when you spit it out you get a really strong building of freshness and I have to admit that my mouth has never felt better or fresher using any other mouthwash.

I've just finished my two week trial now and I'm pretty happy with the results, my teeth are definitely whiter but probably not enough for anyone other than me and Liam who I see every single day to notice, regardless it's made me feel much for confident for wedding photos. I'll be buying another bottle to try and get my teeth extra sparkly for the wedding but I can't honestly say that I'll be adding this to my weekly shopping list just down the the price, so for me it will just be every now and then when I feel my teeth need some extra love and attention!

Have you tried CB12 before? Would you give it a go?

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