Why Glasgow is the Ultimate Hen Do Destination


There’s a good night out, a great night out, and then there’s a hen do. When it comes to sending off one of your nearest and dearest into holy matrimony, you want to make sure they have exactly the kind of night they’ll always remember.

This often means combining lots of different elements to your night out. Perhaps a spa section, a wonderful restaurant, a bar, and somewhere to dance to close out the night. So, when you’re planning your hen do location, you’re going to want to choose a city that has plenty to offer — and there’s no better choice than Glasgow.

Glasgow is famed for its nightlife and culture, being named the European City of Culture in 2014. The city is also famous for its phenomenal music scene, having given rise to a diverse and exciting range of bands and musicians like Franz Ferdinand, Chrvches, and Belle & Sebastian. This makes for an excellent nightlife scene, where there’s truly a bit of something for everybody.

So no matter what the tastes are of your head hen, you’ll be able to find something that’ll fit well for them. It’s also a reasonably small city and, although attractions are a little spread out, that’s easy to fix by hiring a minibus in Glasgow to take you and the rest of your party from place to place!

Absolute Bridal Luxury

Glasgow has an excellent selection of luxury spas, offering you a wonderful opportunity to relax, refuel, and then get all glammed up and ready for a wonderful night out. PURE Spa is located in the heart of the city and offers a range of world-class treatments. These range from your standard spa offerings — like manicures, pedicures and facials — up to boutique treatments like their Moroccan mud wrap and exotic coconut skin rituals.  

If you’d like to take your relaxation to the max with a spa hotel, there’s the PH Hotel in Blythswood Square — a stunning, Victorian area of Glasgow. The spa there is award-winning, having recently been granted the prestigious five-star rating. With its ultra-modern luxury meeting classic Scottish glamour, it’ll certainly be a spa trip worth remembering. What’s better, if you book a minibus in Glasgow, you can take your time getting ready before heading out for the rest of your night!

Picking the Right Restaurant

When it comes to planning where to get your night started, you’re truly spoilt for choice. If you’d like to get your celebrations going with some delicious food, you can do no better than starting in Glasgow’s trendy west end. The up-and-coming neighbourhood offers a combination of cobbled streets that are rowed with chic restaurants as well as older, more authentic Glaswegian cuisine.

If you’re looking for something classic, there’s Ashton Lane, home of the world-famous Ubiquitous Chip, where you can have some of the most delicious, fresh Scottish food available on the market. If you’d like to try something a bit different, there’s Cafe Andaluz, which offers delicious tapas made from local fare.

Hire a Minibus In Glasgow to Navigate Its World-Class Nightlife

One of Glasgow’s permanent features that’s made it so popular among hen parties in the past few years is its excellent bar and club scene. The city offers a diverse and wonderful selection of bars and pubs, allowing you to pick exactly which kind of mood you’d like to go for with ease. If you’d like something smart with a 1920s twist, be sure to check out The Black Sparrow or Chinaski’s, which offer phenomenal cocktails and summer beer gardens. To make matters even better, if you hire a minibus for the night then you can hit up as many spots in one night as you’d like without splurging on cabs — or having to find one so late at night!

If you’d like to go for a more laid-back pub feel, there’s Nice’n’Sleazy — potentially Glasgow’s most famous nightspot. One of the things that makes this place so special in particular is that as the night goes on, it seamlessly transforms from a bar into a club, with the tables being pushed back to make way for dancing. Finally, if it’s dancing that you’re serious about, then you can head on down to the O2 ABC, a club located in a renovated cinema. It hosts excellent gigs throughout the year, so keep an eye out for what’s coming up!

With its unique blend of upmarket and authentic, Glasgow offers a truly one-of-a-kind night for a hen do, allowing you to combine lots of different elements to make one unforgettable night out.

* Disclaimer - the image is from my own hen do in Manchester

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