Forza Shake It Slim Review


Remember when I tried the Forza Shake It Slim products and thought they were absolutely delicious? If not you can check my review here and find out if I managed to lose any podge. Well the lovely team sent me some of their fairly new Stir It Slim Hot Chocolates and they really didn't disappoint.

At first I was a bit dubious about switching out a meal for a hot drink, for some reason it seems much more acceptable when you're trading it for a cold shake! But regardless, I decided to give them a chance and I'm so glad I did. The range is made up of 3 different hot drinks; latte, caramel latte and hot chocolate. One sachet gives you a really big full mug and 204 calories and as its quite a thick luxurious consistency it's really filling!  It's genuinely one of the best homemade hot chocolates I've ever tasted and I've even found myself craving them on none shake weeks! I can't really comment on whether or not you really lose weight with this product as I haven't tried it in the right environment but I can't see why it wouldn't as I found their shakes really effective and they contain the same amount of calories.

I've actually recently be trying the exante shakes and I'll definitely be going straight back to Forza after I've finished my current sachets as they taste far superior and you get more from a sachet too which makes you feel fuller! If you want to give them a try but are worried about spending too much before you've given them a go then you can buy a pack of 3 from Boots next time you're in, they'll only set you back £4.99 and they're currently on 3 for 2 too! Make sure you check them on insta and twitter too as they're always sharing reviews so you can see how everyone else is doing using them.

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