New Paladone Polychrome Light Review


Remember the cool guys from Paladone who made the Selfie Photo Clip? Well they sent me their latest product, the Polychrome Light, to try out and I have to admit it's pretty cool. So what is it I hear you ask? The polychrome light is a clear acrylic lightbulb shaped light which projects fun LED colour displays into your room.

You can operate the light by plugging it into a USB but there's also the option to have it battery powered which means you can put it wherever you want and you're not restricted to where the nearest plug socket is. To start the light show simply push down on the top and the lights start to transition, you then have the option of letting the colours run their course or pushing down for a second time to choose your favourite colour. I found the lighting really relaxing and it's a much cheaper alternative to the Phillips Hue!

As much as I love the mood lighting effect it gives, it's not something I'm going to keep as part of my everyday home interior design as I feel it would fit better in a teenagers room or an absolute gadget queens space, but that doesn't mean I won't be getting it out to use to create a lovely ambience from time to time! Overall I'm really impressed with the little gadget and would say it's another successful launch from Paladone - well done guys!

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