Exante Diet


Until a couple of months back I'd never tried a single diet or weight loss product, but I've quickly become a bit of a convert as when used in the right way I think they can be the perfect way to safely but quickly shift a couple of pounds. The amazing guys behind exante recently got in touch and asked if I fancied trying a few of their products and as I've only tried shakes & my magic hot chocolates which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago I thought it made sense to broaden my horizons and add a bit of variety into my "shake weeks".

I have to be really honest and say my intro into the exante products really wasn't the best. On my first morning I set my self up a cup of tea and was super excited about tucking into the giant chocolate mint flavour cookie but it really wasn't enjoyable in the slightest. It just tasted overly chemical in my opinion like artificial sweeteners and as it was pretty big it took me a while to get it down.

So as you can imagine I wasn't really looking forward to trying anything else but I'm glad I persevered as everything else was genuinely amazing! The choco balls tasted like chocolate coated nesquik and the protein granola reminded me of the Eat Natural Gluten Free Super Granola which is the tastiest granola I've ever tried, so I'd happily eat the protein granola every morning for breakfast! I didn't think the shake was as tasty as other brands I've tried but it wasn't offensive so I'd happily try more of their shakes if I found them on an offer. For me the show stopper had to be the protein pancakes and maple syrup - super easy to make, the pancakes just tasted like normal pancakes and the syrup just tasted like a slightly watered down good maple syrup so you can't go wrong with that for a diet meal!

I lost a couple of pounds over around 10 days of combining these exante products with a low calorie dinner and a competitor brands shakes so I'm definitely a convert and will certainly have be introducing a couple of their products into my diet!

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