Betty Rose Bridal


Betty Rose Bridal is an online wedding accessories boutique specialising on the most unique and beautiful pieces for thrifty brides. With pieces priced between £12 to £48 there's guaranteed to be something that fits into everyone's budget! Not only that but Betty Rose caters for so many different styles too because no two brides are the same right? You could easily pick out something super modern and sleek to something pretty princessy or even vintage inspired for a bride who's looking for something a bit more classical!

From the moment I set eyes on the Vintage Looped Headdress I just knew it was what I've been searching for and with only 4 weeks to the wedding I couldn't of found it at a better time! I absolutely loved the look of it online, but I actually fell in love with the headdress when I had it in my hands within its delicately packages gift box. It's extremely vintage chic and manages to be both completely subtle & understated but extremely glitzy and show stopping at the exact same time. I'd say it's very 1920/30s without being too OTT, we've taken a lot of inspiration from these decades and adapted them to fit our style, it's something that works really well with our venue but I wouldn't want to go all out with flapper girl style dresses etc!

The headdress also works perfectly with how I'm planning to wear my hair on the day, but I'll share more on that after the wedding as some things have to be kept as a surprise! That said, even trying it on with my everyday hair made me feel super bridal, just like I did when I tried my wedding dress on so I couldn't recommend having a look on Betty Rose Bridal enough if you're on the lookout for something pretty to wear on your big day!

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