Getting In #TheSwimOfThings


So Summer is fully upon us, and it's pretty unmissable with the amount of holiday snaps currently filling up my instagram feed which are making me super super jealous as it's still 3 months until we get to go on our honeymoon, but to help me get in #TheSwimOfThings George have sent me some of their stunning swimwear! I absolutely love lazing around the pool on holiday but I do always feel a bit self conscious of my wobbly bits, but I know I'm not alone, infact George have put together a really cute infographic on everything from favourite type of swimwear to the most popular body types which you can read here.

I'm loving that the swimsuit is making a huge comeback, I picked up the black number from ASOS last year, and absolutely loved it so I've picked up another one in a lovely blue print for my holiday this year. It's a really flattering style with a deep V front & back, but high waist too, so you can feel fabulous whilst keeping your wobbly bits tucked away. Now as much as I love a swimsuit, nothing can ever beat a nice bikini for a good tan, so it's always nice to have a couple that you can switch around and change up. I'm absolutely loving my new additions from George, the white bikini has a really flattering high leg but still has a full knicker so you don't feel like you're about to lose your modesty at any second - it's also crazily good quality and isn't at all thin & flimsy. The striped number I picked out has some lovely shorts instead of a knicker, and they just look so pretty with an almost retro vibe about them. The thing that I loved most about George's swimwear is the fact that you can mix & match your sizes as that's my biggest gripe when it comes to buying swimwear - you one-sizer bikini makers don't think about us pear shaped girls do you?

What's your favourite kind of swimwear? Are you an all out bikini lover or a fan of the tankini?

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