A Bright Idea


Apologies that's I've been a bit slower than usual on the blog post, but with the wedding a mere 8 weeks away life's felt a bit crazy! We're sitting down with our wedding coordinator in the next couple of weeks to iron out all our finer details but I can't stop adding cute little bits to our decorations, like these absolutely stunning initial lights from festive lights. At £9.99 (or £7.99 if you're order today - they're on promotion) a pop, they're really good value for money, made out of mdf with a really nice white matte finish in a retro marquee style.

I've been looking for a set for ages but begrudged paying nearly £20 a letter which seemed to be the going rate if you look on the likes of not on the high street and Amazon. The letters are free standing but can be wall mounted too, they're so pretty that we'll definitely be adding them to our home decor after the wedding! They'd be a lovely christening or new baby gift too, something that's really unique and you just want to hang onto!

If you've blogged your wedding or are currently planning leave your links in the comments below, I'd love to check them out..

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  1. I love these lights, definitely going to head over to the website now! x

  2. Love the lights, good price too!

    I just got married a week ago today so look out for some posts on www.dinnerstories.co.uk soon! :)