Forza Shake It Slim Review


The guys over at Forza recently asked if I fancied trying out their weight loss shake range. I've never really done a proper diet before, I've always just tried (and failed miserably) to eat healthy, but with the wedding sneaking up super quickly I thought it would be worth giving them a go! I was kindly sent their Shake It Slim starter pack, which contained 5 chocolate, 5 strawberry and 4 vanilla shake mixes, enough to trial for a week, along with their pretty pink shaker.

Each shake contains 204 calories, 22 different vitamins & minerals and are designed to be used as a meal replacement. I started my trial last week and decided to have shakes for my breakfast & dinner during the week, and breakfast & lunch for the weekend, I then ate a bowl of roasted pepper pesto pasta & breakfast biscuits whilst I was at work, and then healthyish big dinners at the weekend.

I didn't really know what to expect from the shakes, apart from to feel hungry, but they were actually really filling! It was only about 9/10pm when I'd start to feel hungry so I just took myself to bed to resist the temptation to snack. Every single flavour was absolutely incredible which helped to make the week go super easy. The vanilla tasted like a top quality vanilla ice cream, the strawberry tasted almost identical to frijj milkshakes, and the chocolate tasted like an uncooked chocolate cake or brownie mix! I honestly don't think they could of tasted any better, plus the formula mixed with water in seconds without any lumps or bumps.

So, did it work? I'm super happy to announce that I lost 3lbs over the course of the week, so I'd definitely say it does! I couldn't be happier with the shakes so I'd happily recommend them 100%. I'm definitely a shake convert, and will be topping up for a few more weekly stints up to the wedding!

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