3 Best Alternative Shops For The Groom


I have to admit that I found shopping for Liam's wedding outfit almost as exciting as picking out my dress. I've always bought bits and pieces for Liam & my dad's birthdays, but I've never really strayed too far from the safe shops I know they both love; Asos, Vans, Penguin & Farah. So looking for places that offered something a bit different was really fun and I thought I'd share my favourite finds with you guys.

The Best For Suits - For the suit it just has to be Noose & Monkey, they have an incredible range of suits that really stand out from the rest, from something really simple like the two above, to all out bold patterns - there really is something for everyone and you can view them all in their SS16 lookbook! Liam actually tried a suit on that looked exactly like the burgundy suit, but at £600 a pop the N&M version is much friendlier on the budget, especially now it's gone into the sale.

The Best For Ties & Bow Ties - Mrs Bow Tie is a site that I've spent many hours browsing, there's literally thousands of options, and then one you've picked your pattern you can choose whether you prefer a bow tie or a standard tie, and about 10 different folds for your pocket square! 

The Best For Shoes - I couldn't choose any one other than Goodwin Smith for the shoes as they're perfect in everyday. I actually posted about a pair Liam has a few weeks ago because they're so incredibly well made, and you can just tell how much thought & care goes into every pair, so if you're interested you can read that here.

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  1. absolutely love mrs bow tie! my fiancee has bought one from there for our barn wedding in 2018