Wedding Flowers Stylin'


For some unbeknown reason, picking flowers has and is probably the most difficult task so far in the wedding planning. I love flowers, and adore having them all over the house, but at the same time I'm not at all picky or particular when it comes to choosing specific flowers, I just like a nice pretty bouquet. I've always said that carnations are my favourite flower if anyone has asked, I just think they're super girly and they're hardwearing & long-living so that makes for the perfect at home bunch.

That said, I wouldn't really want a huge bunch of carnations for the wedding because it just feels like I've not put enough thought in there. I really like the wildflower bunches at the top but I think these would work better for a festival/boho vibe wedding as my dress is quite traditional, so I'll probably end up going for a mix of the top and bottom line finding a nice equal landing between the more regimented bunches & the relaxed overflowing styles. I love the idea of having the whole bunch one colour but with different shades and textures like the bottom left three, I just think they look incredibly girly and delicate.

It's not just the flowers themselves that I've been struggling with, but also the wrap - there's just too many options. Do you go for a tight ribbon wrap, a loose string tie, a hessian wrap, some glitzy and sparkly or ribbon streamers? There's probably even more options that them but they're just some from the top of my head. After a few weeks of thinking this one over think I'm going to opt for some classy lacey streamers but I'm still not 100% set on the plan, so all will probably be revealed on the big day!

If you want to have a nosey at how the wedding is shaping up, grab a cuppa and head on over to my wedding pinterest board.

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