The Selfie Game-Changer


As much as I love a good selfie, I find that selfie sticks just aren't the best and just a bit inconvenient if you only have a tiny bag for your night out. The guys over at Paladone sent me their brand new Selfie Photo Clip which features a wide angle lens meaning you can get more into the photo. We've tried cheaper versions before off eBay which have never really wowed so I was really interested to see if this one lived up to its name.

To start off the build is much better than ones I've tried previously, it's quite a sturdy piece of kit, comes with a lens cap to keep dust out and a handy little drawstring bag to store it in. I went to my cousins amazing wedding at the weekend, so thought that would be the perfect excuse to take it out for a spin. It takes a while to get used to using, you have to make sure you've focussed the phone camera properly as it seems to override the auto focus feature, but when you get it right the photos can be amazing. I love the lomography feel it gives to photos with the fish eye angle and little bits of glare that come out too, you even get a bit of edging coming in if you haven't clipped it perfectly, which might put some people off but I really love the look. For £6.99 I'd definitely recommend picking this cool little lens up, I imagine it will be amazing for summer holiday photos as it just seems to love the sun!

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  1. I felt self conscious using a selfie stick so couldn't use it but I would get one of these.