The Gin Explorer


Now you should all now by now that I absolutely love a subscription box, whether it's makeup, food, sweets or geeky bits. I just love the idea of a box turning up filled with goodies that you know you're going to love. So here's the box that tops them all, the Gin Explorer! Can you think of anything better than 4 lovingly picked new gins every month?

“The gins are hand selected by your personal tour guide to take you on a culinary journey; thrilling your taste buds and awakening your senses. You’ll also learn all about the heritage and origin of the gins increasing your gin knowledge, and passion, along the way. Throughout your expedition you will be accompanied by delectable mixers and everything you need to explore, with extra treasures along the way! “

Each months box contains 4 double gins, gourmet tonics & mixers, tasting notes and little gifts & treats. The may box had a cocktail mixing spoon which we've always wanted but never bought, so a much welcome addition to our cocktail drawer. The mixer included was Cucumber & Watermelon which tasted incredible with the Makar gin, both of which I'll be purchasing again! We also got some branded mint rock, and paper aeroplanes to keep us entertained between tastings. It's the perfect subscription box for summer, we loved working our way through the box in the sunshine, it'd also make the perfect gift for a gin loving dad if you're stuck for Father's Day.

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  1. This subscription box it's really nice! I'm not a huge fan of gin but this is a really nice gift for a dad, you're right!