Gruhme For A Groom


Would you believe it's only 18 weeks to the wedding already? This year has genuinely flown by, it only feels like two minutes ago since Christmas, but it's been 6 months. Yes, 6 months! That means it's only 6 months until Christmas and this year will be our first as a married couple. Anyway, enough about nattering about the time, I'm actually here to talk about the perfect scent for a groom; Gruhme (see, even the name is perfect!).

Gruhme started up in 2013 as a British company, to offer an independent crafted fragrance that really stood them apart from all the big players who'd sold out to their more than likely multi-billion pound owners. They really care about attention to detail, and offering something different to an overcrowded unpersonal market. The bottle itself is incredibly sleek with a matte black finish, and very simple branding, which makes it ultra masculine, which is just like the contents.

Fragrance no.14 is just like their original scent, but with a 14% concentrate rather than 10% meaning it smells stronger, and lasts longer, which would be perfect for a wedding day! It's hard to describe the scent, without using the phrase "a manly man's fragrance", because it is just that. A whole world of woody backnotes, and a punchy lemon zing is what I can pick up, it's such a warming but refreshing scent. I'd say it's more of an evening or Autumn/Winter fragrance, which is perfect for our October wedding. At £45 for 100ml I'd say it's extremely reasonably priced, and well worth picking up if you're in the market for a new scent. You can pick it up here on the Gruhme website, which is as equally classy & sleek as the bottle itself. 

The bottle is now sitting proudly on his smellies shelf, and I can already guarantee that it will be one that will be reached for time and time again.

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