A Few Tips For Planning Your Own Wedding


I honestly don't know how I'll fill my time once the wedding is over, it's been a crazy few years since graduating, where I've spent most evenings and weekends house hunting / working on our house / wedding planning, so I'll definitely need a new project of some kind! I thought it might be nice to share a few tips from my own experiences, and hopefully it will give you some ideas that you can use if you're thinking about planning your own wedding.

Finding the venue! You probably already know the exact type of venue you want, it's one of the things you think of from being really little, but I seriously recommend looking around different options to get a feel for them. I always wanted a big church wedding, with a listed type building out in the country, but after shopping around we fell head over heels for an intimate boutique hotel in the centre of Manchester, that was just really us. The only downfall for us was that it was way out of budget for our Summer wedding, so we ended up switching to a Winter wedding, but as I currently look out of the window to see pouring rain at the end of June I think we probably made the right decision.

What are you going to eat? Does your venue supply food, or do you need to find an external caterer like  DCS Multiserve who'll sort everything out for you - including creating a bespoke menu that's just what you want? We were originally thinking of planning a festival type wedding, with arranging various food vendors to come and cook up their own specialities - amazing as that sounds I'm so glad we steered away from that route, as I can't imagine trying to organise 5 different vendors on my wedding day! Our venue supplies all food so we have a tasting a few weeks before the wedding so we can choose the menu for our big day. 

Buy or DIY? I love the idea of DIYing everything, I think most brides-to-be do. There's nothing better than spending hours pinning away your favourite creative pieces on pinterest, but you'll quickly start to realise a few things. 1. DIYing takes up a lot of time and effort, so you'll need someone to help you along the way, and someone to help you set up at your venue on the morning. 2. Making it yourself isn't always the cheapest option once you've bought all of your materials, so just check prior to shelling out for crafty pieces that you'll probably never use again. We're doing a mix at our wedding, by putting our flowers and table centre pieces together, but buying things like bunting, and other hanging decorations. We even made our own invites too which you can see a sneak peak of in the images above.

What are your tips for wedding planning? Would you like to see more of these types of posts?

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