A Few Things From Ted


With the wedding only 14 weeks on Sunday I thought now would be the perfect time to start buying all the finer details for the day, which resulted in a not so cheap Ted Baker haul.

We both knew we wanted some fancy socks for the guys, and I was initially thinking Happy Socks as they have so many different designs but after having a browse through Octer, I discovered that Ted makes pretty incredible socks (what has my life become? Haha) and being one of our favourite brands it seemed wrong not to order. If you're not familiar with Octer you should go and check it out, it's a website that pulls products through from tonnes of different websites, with really handy features such as being able to select a certain brand, or show products that are in a sale. Perfect if you're trying to locate a specific product that's out of stock elsewhere, or you just fancy having a browse of something new!

I already have this gorgeous pair of heels for the wedding evening but being challenged in the height department I needed something a little higher for photos and the ceremony to give my dress a little lift. I've decided to just tease you with the fact that they're a high pair of Ted Baker heels that are absolutely perfect for a wedding, as it's nice to have some surprises for the day, so all will be officially revealed at a later date! I also thought I'd treat myself to one of their signature shoppers after spotting that they'd gone into the sale for just £20. I thought this cute little scalloped white & gold shopper would be perfect for keeping my perfume, lingerie & jewellery bits together for the morning of the wedding, and then good for the honeymoon too as it's a wipe clean number!

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