4 Things You Should Never Wear on a Plane


When you’re sat in a metal tube at 30,000 feet flying through the sky, comfort most certainly trumps style, every single time. Whether you’re visiting a destination that’s not too far away or getting ready for a gruelling long-haul flight, choosing what you wear wisely is key to ensuring that you don’t end up feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable during your trip. To ensure that you don’t run into any in-flight fashion faux pas, here are five items that you should avoid wearing at all costs.


Although jumpsuits might seem like a comfortable option to choose for a flight, they can prove to be hugely inconvenient if you need to take a visit to the tiny aeroplane bathroom cubicle. Whilst they might make for the perfect holiday item because they’re comfortable and chic, you’re better off getting a great case from globallugage.co.uk and packing your jumpsuit away for your destination instead.

Tight Clothing

When getting on a flight, it’s a good idea to avoid tight clothing at all costs. After sitting down for just a few hours, you’ll end up wishing that you’d swapped your cute skinny jeans for a pair of comfortable leggings instead. If an item of clothing restricts you when you’re sitting down or pinches your skin, it’s going to be unbearable by the time you land. Opting for loose-fitting, comfortable and stretchy clothing is best.

Uncomfortable Shoes

You might be tempted to wear your heels for the flight to free up space in your cabin bag, but imagine how painful your feet are going to be by the time that you arrive? Even sitting in heels can hurt your feet, and since the pressure drop in the cabin and sitting for long periods of time can cause your feet to swell, heels really are the last thing you need on them. Instead, opt for comfortable sneakers or slip-on shoes that won’t restrict your feet and can easily be removed if needed. If you really don’t want to pack your heels, take a pair of sandals or small flats in your handbag that you can change into once you’re in the air if needed.

Summer Clothing

Even if you’re travelling to a hot and sunny destination, don’t get on the flight in just a tank top and a pair of shorts. Although it might be tempting as you won’t want to get off the plane and into sweltering heat with your biggest coat on, don’t forget that once the temperature drops in the cabin, you’re going to be shivering all the way there. Layering clothing is the best option, as you can always take off some layers once you arrive if it’s too hot. Plus, the more clothes you wear, the more room you’ll have in your case. 

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  1. Yes to everything, especially the tight clothing thing. I made the mistake many years ago of wearing really tight jeans on a 5 hour flight, worst decision ever haha.
    Blue Jazzmin