Turn your used bottles into a beautiful vase inspired by Games Village Bingo


Whenever I come across an empty glass jar at home it is so hard for me to toss it in the recycle bin. I feel compelled to keep these versatile used bottles on the even bigger excuse of polluting the environment. So one day, I sat down thinking about how I could reuse these bottles.

While I was browsing the internet, I came across plenty of ideas, I also saw how actually in a better way and easy manner these bottles can be used. So while browsing for the new designs to the used jars got to know about online bingo no deposit at GameVillage. This site gave me an idea to adapt the village style for my used jars.

These are the few couple of ideas you can try for your used bottles:

1) Holiday memory jars: as most of us love traveling and when we travel we always end up buying the stuffs to mesmerize with the memories once we come back. Filled with souvenirs collected on trips and pictures developed afterward, they are like little worlds that can be visited again and again and you can rearrange them anytime you like. Bent wire can be used to lower and position objects in a thin-necked jar.

2) Recycled jars terrarium: Children love to watch things grow and they enjoy getting their hands dirty. One of the best ways for them to do both is by helping them build an easy recycled glass terrarium. Terrariums are super-fun for children because it's like having an entire miniature world inside a glass jar. It is easy to make and simple to maintain, no matter the seasons are.

3) Painted bottle vases: First gather all transparent bottles you’ve been storing for a long time. Prepare tools such as syringe, paint brush, and a bowl. Next, think of colors you’d like to use for your bottles and you can use almost any cut flowers to decorate your bottles with. You can use white daisies, yellow freesias. It is so simple and gives a perfect look for a home decor.

4) Re use the jars in to an oil camp: make a small decorative oil lamp out of an empty glass bottle with screw-on metal lid. It's cheap, easy, and possibly romantic. 

The lamp is filled with half water and half oil (or all oil if you like, but it's not as pretty!), and will burn for several hours depending on its size. It is so simple, and yet such an eye catching home decoration. Perfect for refreshing your house or for a gift. Good Luck!

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