Stag & Hen Do Ideas


With the wedding fast approaching I keep getting asked what I'm doing for my hen do, and what Liam is doing for his stag do. In all honesty we haven't really thought into it too much, and think we'd probably both enjoy a more relaxed affair rather than something crazy but we'll see what happens! I thought I'd put down some ideas of things to do if you're in the same boat as me..

A few ideas for the hens - I think a spa day or even weekend can be perfect for a hen night, and is something you could even do the week before the wedding to help relieve some of your wedding stress and a good way to get a good bit of quality time with your girls and a chance to say sorry if you’ve been a bit of a bridezilla with them! If you're looking for something a bit more upbeat you could always start with a champagne brunch and then book a cocktail masterclass for afterwards and follow that up with dancing the night away with your girls. Renting an apartment or house is another good idea to do with your hens, you could bring all your favourite food, cocktail making supplies, face masques, films and pjs for the ultimate girls night in.

A few ideas for the stags - if Magaluf isn't your scene but you're still looking for a few nights away how about a whisky tasting tour around Scotland? There's plenty of different routes and distilleries already planned out for them if you have a little search. Or is there's a specific city you fancy heading to have a look on The Stag And Hen Experience where you can find tonnes of activities to do in the area you select. Or if you’re planning on staying even closer to home you could always head to your local casino and try your luck at winning some extra cash for your honeymoon (or just to put towards more drinks haha!). If you’re feeling a bit rusty and don’t want to be shown up in front of the lads then I’d recommend brushing up your skills on an online casino, there’s plenty to choose from, Royal Vegas casino is always a popular choice and you can usually get some free money for signing up to play with first and there’s lots of fun themes to play with too. Like did you know the Royal Vegas casino has a tennis themed slot named Centre Court– that’s perfect for the stag who loves a bit of Wimbledon! 

One for everyone - If you've got a close friendship group and the dates work out well for you, a good idea could be a joint hen & stag do at a festival. I'm talking 2 or 3 nights of camping, beer, street food, sun (although probably not if you stay in the UK!), and of course some amazing music! Plus you could always separate on one of the nights and have a guys/girls night like a proper stag & hen.

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