Seriously Bucking Good Shoes


When it comes to the Grooms shoes for your special day, there should only be one brand that comes to mind.... Goodwin Smith! That's the only brand that we considered for Liam's shoes anyway, and we both knew that the Jack two tone tan brogues would be the exact shoes. They're the type of shoe that every time you look at them you notice something new from the monogrammed toes & backs, and the delicate stitching everywhere, to the flash of blue on the heel & the gold foil logo inside. Oh and not to mention the adorable stag print lining inside too! A genuine piece of craftsmanship, made from the softest genuine Italian Parma leather.

Goodwin Smith design and manufacture all their footwear which can take up to a month, each pair being unique, and you can honestly see all the love, care and handwork that's gone into them when you hold a pair in your hands. This doesn't end with the shoes either, their whole brand is perfectly photographed & exciting, and they're one of the only brands I follow on instagram and twitter because of that. They also put so much thought into their packaging too, with an cool pull out drawer shoe box, and a branded dust bag per shoe, everything just makes them feel so much more luxurious.

We actually discovered that Liam's Granddad who is sadly no longer with us, used to be both a salesman and then later a shoe designer at the founding company for 20 years, so there's a nice bit of family history which makes the shoes even more sentimental to us. I genuinely couldn't recommend this company enough, they're just perfect in every way, so if you're on the lookout for some new shoes definitely give them a look. They have great ranges of casual mens and women shoes too, so it's not just about the groom!

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