My Top Tips For Spring Cleaning


It's probably because we're getting old now, but I love a good bank holiday spring clean and that's never something I thought I'd hear myself saying! It's just nice being able to do all the things you wouldn't get round to doing on a normal two day weekend, because let's be honest weekends are made for eating, drinking and relaxing! This post is in collaboration with Victoria Plum who have shared their tips for bathroom spring cleaning over on their blog and asked to hear mine too.

I think it's always good to pinpoint one or two areas that always gets overlooked and give that a huge clear out, for us that was our spare bedroom which always becomes a dumping ground (especially with all the wedding bits I've bought) and only really gets sorted out when we've got guests staying the night. It's amazing how much stuff you find in a room that you don't really use or forget you have, and if you're being ruthless either eBay/car boot it, send it to a charity shop or just throw it out if you can't do the first two. It's a great way to make some extra cash or feel like you're doing good too!

The same counts for the bathroom, it's a room that we personally try to deep keep clean weekly but it's surprising how much clutter mounts up in the wall cupboard. I tend to find a new product that I love, and my old regime gets shoved to the back which results in tonnes of half used bottles of creams, shampoos & styling products. Either start using your old stuff and get them used up, or get rid, if you're not using them now you probably never will again.

Try doing the chores you never do during your usual tidy up to go the extra mile, I'm talking about dusting your blinds (we have 5 wooden blinds just in our lounge & hallways which take forever!), dust the tops of any mirrors and frames that you can't see, clean along your skirting boards and the door frames. You might not notice the difference but you'll certainly mentally feel like your home is cleaner.

To finish I love to treat myself to a lovely new candle, bunch of flowers or air freshener which always helps me to relax and enjoy my hardwork. What are your spring cleaning tips?

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  1. Ah I love a good spring clean, it's so satisfying clearing things out and making sure everything is clean :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours