Wedding Venue Stylin'


With the wedding less than six months away now (eek!) we're in full wedding planning mode so I thought it would be nice to share a series of ideas with you all. I'll be kicking it off with themed weddings so that we can start with a bang. That said, we haven't gone with any specific theme, but instead a colour and a few injections of our own personality as we're having quite an intimate wedding but I'll be sharing more details on this soon! I do enjoy how a theme can really tie your whole day together so if we were to have gone with one it would of probably been one of the following.

Travel; so this one isn't very us, yes we love a good holiday but we're in no means backpackers, but I just had to include it as I'm always seeing cute little decorations for this theme popping up on Pinterest. How adorable are those tiny suitcases? You could fill them with your favourite sweets you've found when travelling or little souvenirs.  Also really love the ideas of the globe guestbook alternative as you could easily incorporate it into your home after the wedding as a decorative piece.

Casino; I think this is probably the most fun theme for a wedding. I love how you can really go all out, from a black tie dress code, to having real roulette and poker tables which you can hire for the day from loads of places. I thought the little playing card biscuit favours looked really sweet, and the matching centrepieces really stand out - you could even use the cards to represent the table numbers too for your wedding breakfast. I actually found some more casino wedding reception ideas on another blog so go check that out if you're looking for more ideas.

Festival; so we actually nearly did go down this route for our wedding, as we had two venues we were picking between, the small boutique city wedding we are having, or a beautiful big private country house with a marquee in the gardens - one of the main things that aided our decision was the good old British weather and the not knowing if it would rain all over out outdoor plans! I love the really relaxed boho vibe this theme would bring to your whole day, I'm talking floral dresses, waistcoated groomsmen, ice creams, flip flops, a marquee and a live band playing music throughout the day. I just love the handmade signs and the cute little 'You Like Nice Today' mat, you could even use cute kids wellies filled with flowers for your centrepieces! 

Disney; I think the best way to go about this theme is to go with your favourite film to avoid the day seeming a bit wishy-washy, and mine will always be Beauty And a The Beast, plus it's such a romantic story! I'm so in love with the amazing enchanted rose centrepieces and surely they have to be the cutest favours known to man?

All images were taken from Pinterest, and if you're interested go and have a nosey at my wedding Pinterest board to see how my big day is shaping up.

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