On Yer Bike


It's almost 5 months to the wedding already which feels absolutely crazy and means I need to start working on a bikini body along with making sure I can still fit into my dream dress! I'll be the first to admit that I'm rubbish at keeping up with exercise routines and being in a super exciting food business makes it hard to stick to diets, but one thing both me and the fiancé love is cycling.

It doesn't really feel like exercise at all if you have a fun route to go on, but instead can be a really enjoyable day out, especially if you pack a little picnic. The guys over at Blue Chip holidays have put together a great guide for biking Yorkshire which has been made extremely popular due to Tour De Yorkshire. We actually stayed in a cute little boutique hotel near the route just after the tour last year and it was really sweet seeing that everyone had been out and decorated the streets and drawn huge messages to the cyclists in chalk on the roads.

We'll definitely be trying out a few different routes this year and it's always nice to find pre-mapped out ones where someone else has done all the hard for you. Plus I treated myself to this gorgeous new British racing green bike which you can see a snippet of in the bottom middle photo, so I'm just dying to rack up some miles whilst touring the lovely English countryside!

Are you an avid cycler? What type of routes do you enjoy?

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