Introducing Scoff Club


I've always been a huge fan of subscription boxes, especially if they contain food, but I think I've stumbled across the best yet... introducing Scoff Club! A sweets subscription box which costs just £12.99 a month (or less if you buy their 3/6 month subscriptions), that is jam packed full of nostalgia. Growing up my grandparents owned their own little sweet shop, and I used to "help out" on a Saturday when I was a little girl measuring out the quarters on an old fashioned scale, and bagging them up in those little white paper bags - I had the flip and twist closure nailed! 

What I love about Scoff Club is the surprise of not knowing what you're going to find inside, because they do all the hard research picking and selecting the best of the best which are sure to bring a blast from the past. Being our first ever box, we couldn't be happier with what we found inside, it almost seemed tailored to us and they certainly brought the memories flooding back.

This months box contains: Jelly Babies, Watermelon Rockets, Clotted Cream Toffee Bonbons, Tutti Fruiti Fizzy Cubes, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb, Reeses Pieces, Now and Later, & Eye Poppers. In all honestly, the thing I was most excited with was 100% the eye poppers, I used to go crazy for these as a kid, and would always be something I buy when I was given some money to pick some sweets, even just typing this is making my mouth water thinking about them! Cinder toffee was always a favourite of my mums, so it brings back lovely memories of long journeys in the car going to the seaside with a big bag of the stuff. It was nice to see bonbons and jelly babies in there, because they're always a winner with everyone - have you ever met anyone who didn't like either of these? Plus they were both super tasty and nothing like the bland cheap tasting ones you can get from supermarkets, seriously, they're nothing compared to the real deal are they?

We haven't tucked into the Fizzy Cubes or Watermelon Rockets just yet because all the bags are pretty huge and I am trying to stick to some some of wedding healthy eating plan but they'll definitely be coming out along with a good film and some tasty cocktails at weekend!

Ps. I urge you not to follow them on twitter or instagram unless you want to be faced with so many tasty treats! You've been warned, it just all looks so god damn tasty!

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