Something Old, Something New..


When it's come to wedding planning, we haven't really stuck to any sort of traditions, instead we've just followed our hearts and booked what we love. That doesn't mean that we haven't looked for any inspiration though, I've spent many a night endlessly pinning to my wedding board, and we've definitely incorporated a couple of trends along the way. Our theme is loosely based around The Romantics trend as well as a rose quartz colour scheme to that Pantone have named their colour of 2016, both completely unintentional but they just really suit our venue and our personalities. 

One thing I haven't quite decided to bring into our wedding is the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue tradition, I do really love the idea but I feel like I'd almost be shoehorning it in just because. That said, I thought I'd share some ideas I've had in case you're planning on incorporating this lovely old tradition into your big day. It's pretty easy to choose your Something New, as more than likely you'll have bought something new for your wedding day, be that your dress, underwear, shoes, jewellery... And the list goes on and on! For me my something new comes in the format of all of the above as I wanted to pick out pieces that suited me, and made me feel extra special on my big day.

I think it's reasonably easy to pick out your Something Blue too nowadays, whether that's some cute little blue shoes to go under your dress, your bridesmaids in blue, maybe even a little blue in your bouquet or perhaps your birthstone is blue? For me, Something Old has to be something that you really love, something that your wedding wouldn't be the same without, for me that would be a fragrance, something I can wear from time to time after the wedding and that will always bring me back to getting in the morning of my special day. I'll be wearing Chloe parfum when the big day comes around, it's one that I really love and feels super feminine, but also one that Liam still compliments me on every single time I wear it. 

Lastly, and for me the most difficult, your Something Borrowed, maybe your mum or grandma still has something from their own wedding, that you could borrow for your big day but chances are it probably won't be your style completely as wedding trends do change quite drastically, but the sentiment can help to cancel that out!

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  1. That tradition is not very common in my family, I guess because we're from the carribean, but your ideas sound cute!
    Blue Jazzmin