Just Doing What My Mother Taught Me!


With Mother's Day literally peeping around the corner, Debenhams have asked me the question "what did your mum teach you?". Obviously my mum has taught me everything I know, and has shaped me into the person I am today, I can't thank her enough for everything she's helped me with over the years. But here at 25 years old I'm not ashamed to say my mum is still teaching me things now, especially with all the wedding planning underway.

I'm definitely a worrier in general and I get anxious about any and every decision when it comes to making sure that everyone is happy at the wedding, but my mum has taught me to do what makes me (& Liam) happy, to be myself, let myself go and to have lots of fun on the way! So with that in mind, I got these lovely props for the wedding so everyone else can be a little crazy and let themselves go with some fun snaps and lots of drinks on the day! I also picked out this cute gold umbrella so that we can still have lots of fun and take photos outside even if it rains - it pays to be prepared! 

Never underestimate your mums girls, they'll help you out in more ways than you'll ever know. If you're yet to pick out a gift for your mum then head on over to Debenhams Mother's Day section which has lots of pretty gifts and ideas - I've already picked out my mums gift but I won't share it now just incase she reads this!

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