Where It All Began


As I'm going to be posting quite a few wedding planning related posts I feel it's only right to tell you how this all started, as I know not everyone will know about it as it was quite some years ago now! So here it goes!

Both me & Liam are graphic designers, and ended up both studying Graphic Design at the University of Huddersfield. We didn't actually plan to go to the same Uni but fair kind of made it happen as Liam brought me to one of my interviews and fell in love with the place, the course & the facilities. People always think this is where we met but we've actually been together since I was 14, we're childhood sweethearts who grew up as friends on the same street.

Liam's proposal real took me by surprise in our 3rd year at uni, even though we did already live together and I had dropped a million hints. We were in our apartment about to head out into town for a date night dinner and cocktails, when he handed me a moleskine sketchbook and asked what I thought of something he'd been working on. Inside was hand drawn typography asking if I'd marry him, in the same font used in my favourite film; Juno. When I looked up he was standing there with the most beautiful diamond ring and I just couldn't believe what was happening.

I loved how personal my proposal was, with a lot of thought gone into it. I'm not someone who loves being the centre of attention and I would of hated being proposed to in public, even though I'll still always get jealous if I witness someone else's proposal! Or when you see all the Christmas & New Years proposals that fill up your social media feeds, because everyone loves to feel special! If you are thinking of proposing this year then Jacamo have picked out some of the best spots to get engaged this New Year's Eve! Personally I think the idea of the Shard would be so romantic, especially with the amazing displays of fireworks that you'd be able to spot for miles!

I'd love to hear your engagement stories! How and where did it happen? Was it everything you hoped for?

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  1. What a lovely story :) such a simple but romantic proposal, and very thoughtful x

    Georgina x