Wardrobe Wishing


Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London : Modern dressing room by Holland and Green
Minimalist dressing room by Aonze Arquitetura
Modern dressing room by BWorks

Now that our house renovations are almost over it’s got us feeling pretty sad, we’ve both really enjoyed doing bits around the house together and we’d 100% be more inclined to take on more of a project house when we buy our next home. So with that said, we’ve been thinking of the extra things that we can do to improve on what we’ve already done to this house, and one of the things I’d most like to tackle is our wardrobe area.

Currently we have a small walk in wardrobe joined to the master bedroom, with a shelf up at the top for hats and bags, 3 rails for hanging clothes and then we store our shoes on the floor underneath our rails. I’d love to build in some slanted shelves for displaying my heels (which I virtually never wear, but they’re still so pretty), and then some corner shelves for the rest of our giant shoe collection and my favourite bags. We also need to paint all the skirting boards and other bits of woodwork to match the rest of the bedroom but that’s a different story all together!

I’d love a huge walk in wardrobe in our next house, and would even consider changing a box room into one if the layout allowed for such a transformation. It’s definitely something that will be high on my list of wants & needs when we do start house hunting, especially as the next house would be more of a forever home. Until then I can just dream!

I love the 3 ideas above, all have space for your favourite things to be out on display, but then still have an area that you can tidy away the most of your clothes so it doesn’t feel to cluttered.

What’s the one thing that you’d want the most from a dream house? Would you choose a dressing room or something different?

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