Solita Didsbury Review


When it comes to going out for food, me & Liam are always on the hunt for Manchester's best burger, so it only seems fair to start my restaurant reviews off with one of the best, Solita. They've got a couple of locations with more on the way, but my favourite one has to be their Didsbury joint, partly because it's just down the road from us but I'm also in love with all their quirky decor and prints (mainly by one of my 10 illustrators - Stanley Chow) and the staff are super friendly and attentive too.

So onto the food... I ordered my usual Bacon Double Cheese with an actual shard of candied bacon, and Liam opted for The Big Manc, plus we both upgraded to the brisket chilli fries (goodbye diet). You really can't fault the burgers in this place, they're served medium so still a bit pink in the middle, they're super fresh, you can tell that they've been handmade, and to top it off, they're absolutely huge! The Big Manc was everything we expected and more, they've certainly perfected that secret sauce, and I'd say calling it 'big' is a bit on an understatement.

Because it was date night, we didn't opt for any starters so that we still had room for plenty of cocktails in the nearby bars after, but from previous trips I can definitely recommend the Cheeseburger Spring Roll (yes, you heard right!) and Deep Fried Mac 'n' Cheese Balls which are both incredibly indulgent. For drinks I opted for a Big Wave because I'm sure this is one of the only places I can get hold of the thing, followed by a couple of cocktails too. The Honey Nut Shake is to die for (JD Honey, Amaretto, vanilla vodka, cream) and is something that I'm working on perfecting at home, but next time I'll definitely be trying the Twelve Dollar Shake (The bartender’s milk shake. Amaretto and Maker’s Mark Bourbon and cream) you just can't beat a creamy cocktail, right?

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate this amazing jacket* from Boohoo. The heeled boots* are also from there too, along with this little number* that I originally planned to wear but I decided to rock my Motel Rocks LBD instead as I thought it would hide any food babies a bit better. You just can't beat a true 90s getup!

Have you ever tried SoLita before? Where's your favourite place to grab a burger?

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  1. I love your coat! and wow, those burgers!!!


  2. I have tried the food at solita, its yuuuummmm. Mruga Kurtis

  3. I have tried the food at solita, its yuuuummmm. Mruga Kurtis